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2 5 hours ago by Bruce Harrow
Palliative care and mortality rates
2 20 hours ago by Elaine Morgan
Pregnant woman with CA diagnosis admitted to hospice
1 21 hours ago by Hermann Koller
Medical Marijuana
2 21 hours ago by Sunil Aggarwal
Teaching a robot to have Advance Care Planning conversations
0 yesterday by Haje Jan Kamps
ACP billing
6 2 days ago by Phillip Rodgers
MIndfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for staff wellness
4 6 days ago by Karuna Spiegelman
Methadone for addiction now on hospice for lymphoma and pain
9 6 days ago by Susan LeGrand
Planning for Advance Care Planning
5 5 hours ago by Rachelle Bernacki
Join the PCHETA Virtual Lobby Day on June 15!
0 8 days ago by Kyle Edmonds
Premedication for ventilator or high flow oxygen withdrawal
3 9 days ago by David Steinhorn
UNIPAC is becoming Essentials
0 14 days ago by Allison Lundberg
Quantifying Chaplaincy Support
1 14 days ago by Denise Hess
PCA by proxy
0 15 days ago by Jessica Heintz
Payment for attending care while in respite at a SNF
4 15 days ago by Stephen Dallas
Hospice team response to physician aid in dying
11 16 days ago by Michael Fratkin
Post-stroke failure to thrive and depression-would appreciate any/all advice!
4 16 days ago by Kathryn Borgenicht
Really bad itching
20 17 days ago by Donald Allen
Radiation and topical pain relief
2 20 days ago by Elaine Morgan
Reference Notes for Palliative Care Consultation
9 21 days ago by Robert Johnson
Heart Failure SIG Statement
0 22 days ago by Priya Pinto
"Doctor do you believe in God?"
22 22 days ago by Warren Wheeler
2018 Assembly Book Club Book Selection
1 27 days ago by Elizabeth Smith
Rural Access to Hospice Act
1 27 days ago by Jacqueline Kocinski
Lancet Blog on hospice and opioids.
0 28 days ago by Lilly Chen
New Tools to Help Members Communicate About HPM
0 29 days ago by Laura Davis
Compassionate Extubatin for Suicide Victim
5 29 days ago by Staci Mandrola
Item Writers Needed for HPM FAST Modules
0 one month ago by Toluwalase Ajayi
Rural hospice patient to provider ratios
2 one month ago by Gail Cooney
Are there any standards or data for MED amounts and or limits in outpatient pall care clinics?
0 one month ago by Michael Harrington
Learning and Engagement Study
0 one month ago by Julie Bruno
Observed to expected mortality and benefit of palliative care
1 one month ago by Jessica Heintz
Opioid prescribing Guide for CbPC
2 one month ago by Kathleen Broglio
Team Wellness Policy
0 one month ago by Emmalee Kennedy
AAHPM Booth# 206 at AGS 2017
0 one month ago by Emily Muse
Call for Posters for Virtual Conference
0 one month ago by Julie Bruno
AHRQ Final Report on Palliative Care & Experience Survey
0 one month ago by Jamal Turner
Does Antibiotic Therapy of UTI Prolong Life in ES Dementia?
7 one month ago by Howard Homler
GIP Attending billing
0 one month ago by Hilary Scully
Thrifty Thursday!
0 one month ago by Allison Lundberg
seeking USMLE Test Materials Development Committee nominations
1 one month ago by Julie Bruno
2017 Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine Poetry Fest
0 one month ago by Robert Kaiser
HPM Fellowships Open to Nontraditional Applicants
2 one month ago by Eunice Omoyeni
Open Forum Digest for Wednesday April 26, 2017
0 one month ago by Caroline Hurd
Hospital financial savings
2 one month ago by Susan Bray
Proposed hospital privileges for palliative care
6 one month ago by Phillip Olsson
Emergency Medicine Forum now a SIG!
1 one month ago by Steven Radwany
Training for ethics consultations
0 2 months ago by Leslie Estep
Question regarding need for prior auth on meds
3 2 months ago by Will Kennedy
LAST CALL for Psychosocial and Mental Health SIG Abstracts!
0 2 months ago by Allison Jordan