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    I happen to be studying for my HPM boards and this question came up which I thought relevant and worth sharing. AAHPM Pass Question:  Patients want surrogates to be able to consider information about their condition and choices in the specific ...

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    Dr. Roselle, ??Could these occasional episodes have a mechanism similar to esophageal dysmotility/spasm? Trial of NTG SL, Nifedipine SL or other treatments recommended for esophageal spasm would be simple, quick and safe. ------------------------------ ...

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    HI Drew! Will you keep us posted and let us know what helped/what didn't help? PRACTICE-BASED IMPROVEMENT! 😁 Thank you, Laurie ------------------------------ Laurel Lyckholm MD Professor, Hematology/Oncology University of Iowa Holden Comprehensive ...


  • An update of AAHPM activities during the week of November 5, 2018: The annual Call for Volunteers closes soon. Share your skills and expertise in hospice and palliative medicine while growing professionally and advancing the field. Volunteer opportunities include service on a committee or an advisory/working group. Deadline to complete the online application is November ... Read moreAAHPM Week in Review: November 5-9
  • An update of AAHPM activities during the week of October 29, 2018 follows: The National Consensus Project’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, 4th ed (NCP Guidelines), endorsed by AAHPM, have been published and are available to download or purchase. The Guidelines establish a comprehensive foundation for gold-standard palliative care for all people living with ... Read moreAAHPM Week in Review: October 29-November 2
  • Many people living with a serious illness who are receiving treatment for their condition, whether heart failure, lung disease, cancer or another illness,don’t have access to palliative care, which can make all the difference in how they feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. New palliative care guidelines set out to improve access to this care, which ... Read moreNew National Guidelines Call for Improved Access to Vital Palliative Care

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