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    ​Hello Jessica, I'm part of the Rehab Forum and am reaching out to you for consideration of potentially joining together to create a joint forum/sig or 2 forums and a combined sig.  One of the main reasons for founding the rehab forum was to provide ...

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    I was glad to hear this news allowing PAs to serve as hospice attendings. I know the President signed this into law as part of the budget deal on 02/09/18.  What is not clear to me is exactly when this becomes an official part of  CMS regulation.   Do ...

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    https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2018/02/doctors-required-inform-patients-palliative-care-rights.html Pringl Miller, MD, FACS Assistant Professor Departments of Medicine & Surgery Section of Palliative Medicine Rush University Medical Center Kellogg ...


  • End-of-life and palliative care providers are often called upon to help ease the burden of care for faraway family members. But it’s important to know about new technology that can bridge the gap and allow adult children, grandchildren, and siblings to be involved and in-the-loop. Communication devices, monitors, and even senior-oriented GPS tracking can all ... Read moreHow Technology Can Bridge the Miles Between Family
  • Nahla Gafer, MD Clinical Oncologist, Radiation and Isotopes Centre Khartoum (RICK), Sudan Who has most influenced your work and what impact has he or she had? This is a very difficult question to answer. I would like to thank Esther Walker, MBE for introducing me to the world of palliative care. Her volunteering time, effort ... Read moreAAHPM Visionary: Nahla Gafer, MD
  • Sarah E. Friebert, MD FAAP FAAHPM Director, Pediatric Palliative Care, Akron Children’s Hospital, OH Who has most influenced your work and what impact has he or she had? I believe I was led into this work by those I’ve had the privilege of serving. In particular, two little boys, both named Andrew, were instrumental in ... Read moreAAHPM Visionary: Sarah E. Friebert, MD FAAP FAAHPM

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