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    Hello, thank you for sharing this case, in regard to your questions 1. Is it worth pursuing a definitive diagnosis to confirm scleroderma? -- Seems to be a little out of the usual timeline for scleroderma, however, the changes you described are unlikely ...

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    RE: Scleroderma

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    Wow, Dr. Nafula, this is a challenging, fascinating case. A few recommendations: For diarrhea: stop pirfinedone and add lomotil, BRAT diet, pedialyte for hydration. Monitoring SpO2 in these folks is often difficult because of their ...

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    Hello, colleagues!  This has come up again for me and just thought I'd try and resurrect this post and see if anyone had updates or any new thoughts.  It's risen to the top of my mental pile again today as I review the case of a patient with head/neck ...


  • AAHPM’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is proud to launch its inaugural educational resources on DEI. Please review and share this content with your team and community members. Questions on AAHPM’s DEI initiatives may be submitted to info@aahpm.org. Annual Assembly event platform is still available only until May 20 to those who had ... Read moreWeek in Review: April 12-16, 2021
  • AAHPM the Social Work Hospice Palliative Care Network are hosting a free joint webinar on April 29 entitled Racism in Healthcare and Strategies for Equity in Hospice and Palliative Care at 3pm ET. Registration is required. Learn more and register at https://bit.ly/31QDD6C. AAHPM responded to a Senate HELP Committee request for stakeholder ... Read moreWeek in Review: April 5-9, 2021
  • Read the editor’s picks for the most recent issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management (JPSM), the official journal of AAHPM. Palatability of Crushed Over-the-Counter Medications Amanda G. Lovell, Bridget McCrate Protus, Julia R. Dickman, Maureen L. Saphire Confirmed Medication Diversion in Hospice Care: Qualitative Findings From a National Sample of Agencies Orrin D. ... Read moreHighlights of the April 2021 Issue of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

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